Stephanie Thomas - On the Issues

Gun Laws

This is not a partisan issue – it is a public safety issue that affects all of us. Connecticut has been progressive on gun safety and it is imperative that we continue to move forward and don’t lose ground in the face of attempts to weaken our existing laws.

Stephanie supports

  • Making Connecticut’s gun laws the strongest laws in the nation by focusing on gun safety initiatives such as banning ghost guns, but also ancillary root causes such as suicide prevention.


Public Schools

Cutting budget items that reduce the quality of our public school education is a formula for disaster.  A highly rated school system is still one of the strongest draws for new residents to our towns.  In addition, a good education is the best way to ensure that the next generation in CT has the skills needed for future jobs

Stephanie supports

  • Reform of our current cost sharing formula so that towns can better plan from year to year.
  • Legislation that prevents altering the cost sharing formula during the fiscal year.

The Economy

Partisan politics and old solutions will not solve the challenges of the CT economy.   It took decades to create our budgetary woes and they will not be easily solved. We must take a larger view that focuses on generating new revenue even while the State continues to look for long range cost savings. 

Stephanie supports

  • A careful review of our options. We will need to take a serious look at creative ideas such as the Legacy Obligation Trust model used in Detroit and Australia and other potential plans.
  • Accountability and oversight that ensures we do not follow the same path in the future.


Infrastructure and Tolls

No one is “for” tolls, however it is a norm in our region and we must explore all revenue-producing ideas with an open and thoughtful mind. 

Stephanie supports

  • Ensuring that rates are reduced for our residents.
  • A funding lockbox for the Special Transportation Fund to ensure that revenues earned are used for infrastructure support.
  • Working with the Department of Transportation to provide infrastructure funding.


We know what will create jobs - we just have to do it.  Affordable college and training, support for innovation, and streamlined regulations are necessary to create opportunities for good jobs here in Connecticut and to attract new residents.  

Stephanie supports

  • Progressive education programs such as free college and more affordable college opportunities.
  • Programs that incentivize students to remain in state to work. 
  • Increase of our minimum wage to $15 so that families can do more to support themselves.
  • Creative programs that provide work experience while still in school.

The Environment

This is one area that we cannot get wrong.  Our very lives depend on it.  Our natural resources in the state are one of the best things about living here and should be protected.

Stephanie supports

  • Initiatives to reduce emissions, including exploration of a carbon tax.
  • Legislative actions that promote renewable energy and clean energy incentives and projects.
  • Protect funding secured for the Connecticut Green Bank, Energy Efficiency Fund, and Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.
  • Preservation of open spaces.  

Affordable Healthcare

Good health is a critical component of success – for children and families, in the workplace, in school, in our senior years.  

Stephanie supports

  • Protection of the Affordable Care Act’s Ten Essential Health Benefits despite efforts to gut ACA on the national level.

Women, LGBTQ, People of Color, Immigration

The lists of needs are long in these communities and the Federal government seems to be backtracking instead of moving us forward.  We have done much in Connecticut, but there is still more to do.  I support policies that allow all residents to live safely, have access to healthcare, participate in the education process, and secure tax-paying jobs.

Stephanie supports

  • Paid family leave
  • Anti-discrimination efforts
  • Criminal justice reform
  • Pay equity


Seniors are an important part of what makes a community a community. They provide a historical record for the next generation, provide neighborhood stability, and valuable volunteer hours to community institutions.

Stephanie supports

  • Assistance programs and tax strategies that help seniors live comfortably on a fixed income.